Using Interconnectit with Local by Flywheel

Hello to the Local community,

recently I started using Local by Flywheel to help me with the migration of our company’s website. I used to use WAMP but since I got stuck and had tons of issues I tried Local and things seem way easier.

My issue right now is that although I import my website and upload the db to the local server I get this error in Chrome:

This site can’t be reached

After several experiments I found out that I need to change the old server links in the .sql file to the local one. In order to do that in an easy and stress-free way I’d like to use the interconnectit PHP script.

And here comes my question: how do I upload the script to the local server and access it?

In WAMP I know I need to put it in a specific folder and then go to localhost/interconnectit/ to load it and use it but how do you do that in Local? Where are the server files and where do I need to put the script?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @nojah90

You should be able to right-click on a site in Local and select “Reveal in Finder”. This will open a file browser of the files on you computer, which is synced to the website inside Local,

You can then drill down to the public folder, and add the Interconnectit php file there. Here’s a screenshot showing that process:

One other option if you are willing to live a little on the wild side and use the terminal – since Local include wp-cli, you can SSH into the Local site and issue a search and replace from the command line. That looks something like this:

  1. Make a backup of the site by right clicking in Local and select “Export”
  2. Right click on the site in Local and select “Open Site SSH”
  3. Use this command to search and replace for something in the Local site’s database:
wp search-replace '/' '/local-url.local'

Hope that gives you some options to more easily work with your site in Local!

– Ben