Using local to host intranet

I am using local to host my company intranet site. It’s working great but I am worried as we scale, this won’t be a reliable solution.

Just peoples thoughts on this?


Hi @CTGreen78

We definitely wouldn’t advise doing this long term as it’s not the intended use of Local. There are plenty of affordable hosting solutions out there or you could even purchase your own server space if you’d still prefer to self-manage.

Thanks Nick for getting back to me.

This is a local intranet site for a police service, so it has to remain hosted in house.

Any recommendations for local web servers?

Thanks again, Nick.

@ [CTGreen78]

Just curious. How were you sharing the site on your network? I’m trying to test some software that allows uploading files from a phone but localWP is installed on my desktop so the phone doesn’t see it.

It’s accessible to the rest of the network via DNS. There is an internal A record pointing to this host over port 8 (http).

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This kind of goes beyond our scope since again it’s not really the intended functionality of Local. You might have to do a bit more searching around the web to find what works best for your needs.

This article might provide some insight:

But it’s also something even the pros over at WPBeginner don’t recommend:

Additionally, if this is meant for internal police use only, I would maybe start by reaching out to other organizations to see what they are doing. Within your city, region, country, etc there are going to be many police offices operating that have their own IT specialists and set-ups that are already working how you want yours to, or maybe they have found a better alternative.

Sorry I can’t be more help directly, but I hope that gives you some thoughts!

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