V5.2.3 Import Local Zip Failed with Error

Exported a Local Site as a ZIP:
a. Can only export with local site up and running
b. I noticed there is a “conf-backup” folder whilst running - see #5 below

Later decide I need to revert / rollback to this ZIP.

  1. delete existing site
    (2. realized there is a new Local v5.2.3 and upgrade)
  2. Drag & drop zip on empty Local app
  3. Encounter “Error: site already exists” (around file 23/24)
  4. Open ZIP file and delete folder “conf-backup” (lucky guess based on #4)
  5. Problem solved - site imported successfully now

BTW: this is an amazing product, keep it up please! Like the Notes, not sure I can edit it later or make the font smaller?

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