Viewing Local dev site from one mac to another

Hi, I developed the local site on my imac and I’d like to work on it with my macbook. I’ve downloaded the local flywheel to my macbook, is there a way to upload it there?

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Hi Tracy,

The easiest thing would be to right-click on the site on your iMac and select the option to export the site. Once you have the .zip you can copy it to your MacBook and then drag and drop the .zip onto the Local window there to import it.

Is there a way to do this from the files that are stored on the computer i.e. without loading the Local app?
I am asking this because while I can see my files are ‘there’ in the Local Sites directory, I’m in a situation of being unable to load Local.

Hi Glenn,

The site files should be in the site’s app/public folder and the SQL data should be in app/sql.