Ways to collaborative work

I work an a site with LocalWP installation on my local machine. Now I want to outsource some tasks to remote developer.

As I understand, if I work on a site in my LocalWP, while the remote developer does the same with his LocalWP installation, and then I import in my LocalWP the export from the LocalWP of remote developer, my work will be overwritten.

What are ways to work simultanously on a site? Is LocalWP a matching solution for this?

To be honest, I don’t see any solution beside to run LocalWP outta web server.

Hi there - thanks for using Local!

It seems like what you’re after is a form of version control - this is common in software development and lets you work more collaboratively with others.

Here is a document that explains using Local + Git (version control) along with some best practices. Check this out and see if it answers your questions - Develop with Local and GitHub - Local