Web Server changing


I made my first local site and I really enjoy Local !-)
Now, I would like to transfert my project in live, with the Duplicator WP plugin.
Unfortunately, Duplicator requires an APACHE Web Server and I made my projet with the default choice : nginx

I didn’t find a way to change the Web Server choice from nginx to Apache ?

Thank you in advance for your help


Hi @MaF,

Duplicator should work fine on nginx. Can you provide the errors you’re running into?

To answer your original question, you can’t change the web sever with the “Preferred” environment. You’ll need to export your site (right-click on the site in the sidebar » Export Site) then re-import it using the “Custom” environment.

Thank you Clay for your response !-)

This is the Duplicator warning I didn’t understand :

I will try your as you said (export/reimport) !


Even though it’s showing Flywheel, you’ll be good to go. Feel free to let Duplicator go through the process.