What happens to local links at deployment

If my local dev site urls are for example:

when i deploy the site once its done locally. does it automatically turn into:

sorry if its a stupid question. cant find info in the FAQs.


This is a very valid question if you’re just starting out! When you take your site live you’ll first want to purchase a domain from a registrar (like GoDaddy for example). That domain is what you’ll set up at your new webhost. When you move your site from Local to your host you’ll update the domains from the Local version to the hosted version.

To give you a bit of clarification, for example, if you were migrating your site to WP Engine or Flywheel using Local Connect, it will fix up those domains for you with a search and replace behind the scenes. If you use some kind of migration plugin method to go to any other hosting solution they should be doing the same thing. Sometimes links in the site might get missed and further manual S/R is required which can be done via SSH or with a plugin like Better Search Replace.

Most of your managed hosts will give you a temporary domain if you don’t have one. This will just be a randomized domain name on their end where your site can exist until you grab your own domain from a registrar and point DNS.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

If I’m developing on localWP and then deploying to Google Cloud or a Self Hosting. What do you recommend as the best way to handle a S/R of all the URLs since many posts may have URL issues(im assuming)

You could always use a plugin option like this: