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Hi everyone,

My father asked me to build him a WordPress site. He already has an existing non-WordPress site but it is outdated and he would like to have something simpler.
He wants to keep his domainname.
I found Local and it seems perfect for my situation. The only problem is that I don’t know how to migrate the local WordPress site when it’s finished to the existing non-wordpress site.
The site that already exists is hosted by 123-webhost.nl and this hosting site does work together with WordPress.
Can anyone tell me how I migrate the local WordPress site to the old site?

Thank you in advance <3

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Hey @Dusty1997, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

There’s a bunch of ways to deploy a WordPress site.

If you’re willing to migrate the remote site to Flywheel or WP Engine, then you can use Local’s built-in feature called “Connect” which makes it pretty easy to deploy changes:

WP Engine also builds the WP Migrate Plugin, which is helpful when deploying to other hosts.

Outside of that, the process is usually much more manual. I’d recommend searching for things like “how to deploy a WordPress site.” Roughly, the process looks like this:

  1. Export the DB from the Local site into a database dump file (ie, db.sql)
  2. Upload the site files. Depending on the remote host, that could be the whole site, or just the wp-content folder. It really depends on what is already on the remote site.
  3. Import the DB db.sql file on the remote system
  4. Search and replace the local site’s domain to the remote site’s domain. So for example, in your case, you would search for something like http://my-fathers-site.local to http://my-fathers-site.com

Hope that helps clarify things and get you deploying your site from Local!

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