What to write inside host file

after some hours of my life lost for the famous problem
“uh-oh! could not update host file!”
looking online and on this community i understood that this is the most frequent issue with local and looking for a solution is very hard… my win config is common …
so can i know what local wants to write on host file so i can write it manually?

It’s usually best to try and figure out why Local can’t edit the hosts file since Local will need to edit that whenever a site is created or deleted. But if you just want to add a site to the hosts file and be done with it, here’s the answer to your specific question:

Each Local site will try to write two lines to the hosts file – something like this:

::1 example.local example.local

These lines basically tell your computer where to look when you ask for example.local.

Here’s a look at my hosts file with a bunch of Local sites added to it:


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