Install Issues on Windows 10 with Local 5.0.6

I received some help with the online chat to reinstall local flywheel. I followed the instructions. when I reinstalled local, the LocalFlywhell will not open. Nothing happens. No error messages are displayed.

Hi @jmcphie,

Sorry for the installation issues!

Can you please share what version of Local you’re running as well as what operating system and version you’re using?

I did a fresh download from your site. downloaded local-5-0-6-windows. I have a windows 10 OS.

Got it—thanks!

We recently release Local 5.2.1 which includes quite a few improvements, bug fixes, and upgrades some of the libraries that it relies on. It might be worth trying to install Local 5.2.1 over Local 5.0.6.

You can find the direct download links here: Local 5.2.1

Hi Clay, that fixed the problem. Now on to my original problem I’m having that caused this lol. Do I start a new topic?

Awesome, glad to hear it!

If the problem is entirely different, a new topic is the way to go. :slight_smile:

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