Why do I have 2 seperate versions of Local Installed?

When I look at my installed programs I have Local 5.4.1 and Local 5.9.2 installed. Why do I have a double installation and can I safely remove the older version without it affecting my sites?

P.S. I never separately installed a second installation… All I ever did was update to a newer version, which apparently has created this second installation at some point, or so it seems when I look at the installed programs on my Windows 10.

Hi @Paul999,

Which application do you open when working on your Local sites? You should be able to confirm by access the About Local option within the application. If you are opening the most recent version 5.9.2 I would assume you could remove the other version of Local (as this could have been a beta glitch). Before doing so I would be sure to make a backup of all your sites to avoid any unnecessary loss of data.

Hope this helps.

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