WooCommerce data update won't run

Hi there

I have a local site, that’s running slow on my Mac. Updated a couple of days back from Pressmatic, and manually copied a new site to local using an export from the live site and an import in Sequel.

Took a while to get the site to not redirect to the live site, but once that seemed to be resolved we updated all plugins etc. After updating WooCommerce we get the WooCommerce data update message. Clicking this doesn’t seem to do anything and clicking the ‘Taking a while? Click here to run it now.’ returns you to the WooCommerce config page and re-initiates the original WooCommerce data update message.

I have tried turning off all plugins but WooCommerce and using a default theme, but to no avail. I have increased the php memory in both the php.ini and the wp-config.php.

Anyone else had similar issues?

Thanks in advance