Woocommerce - Product variation description

Hey Guys,

I know i am not supposed to ask this here but i looking at this the whole day.
The guy on the woocommerce chat didn’t want to help me so i was hoping anyone here could help me.

As you can see in the image below , i have a variable product. i have multiple models and packing.
this is all okay i have also a description for each comb. every desc is unique.

I imported all my products with wp all import.
Does anyone know how i can get the Variable product description to the main product description?
or i can show it in that main tab? where it now says TEST 3.

Really sorry i ask this here.
Just lost on this one.


Exactly the same issue here! This is the only post I’ve found online for this. Have you figured this out?


I got it working with a plugin that makes a table of all the variations for that product.
It is called Woocommerce Variations to Table - Grid by nitroweb on codecanyon

Thanks very much! I’ll give it a shot

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Hey @Webtica I bought that plugin but I can’t get the configurations right to change the Product description. Help me please :slight_smile:

Hi @pabster.

I got it working with the Woocommerce variations to table plugin i linked above. then put the shortcode of that plugin in the variable product description. That should do it :slight_smile: Then you can change the settings in the backend.