Wordpress 4.8 Update

Hi, so I’m finding it difficult to update my WordPress site to the latest version which is WordPress 4.8. I encounter a server error every time (Local server support: 502) I try to figure it out. Anyone have a solution for this?

Tried updating using WP-CLI?

Hey Mark. What’s that? Where can I find that?

Hi @oguerio,

You can update via WP-CLI by doing the following:

  1. Right-click on the site in Local and click “Open Site SSH”
  2. Once Terminal/Cmd shows up, enter wp core update and press enter
  3. Done!

Thank you so much this was so helpful

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Hi Clay,

I have a similar problem with updating to the latest version of Wordpress (4.9.1). I followed your instructions above, but unfortunately, it didn’t work and returned the following:
error: Another update is currently in progress
root@a255cb44 091b:/tt
While trying to update directly on the WordPress dashboard, I get this page:

Local Router Error
Our apologies for the inconvenience. The Local router is not able to connect to the site you requested.

We suggest you try the following:

Restart Site - Go to the Local by Flywheel app and restart the site you are attempting to access.
Contact us - If the issue persists please contact us.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help in understanding what’s going on.

Kind regards

Ps: I did restart the site with no success.

Actually, it’s working now, (WordPress updated to the latest version) after I restarted my computer.
Thanks anyway!