Wordpress add themes "upload theme" button disabled

I have a new clean install of Local on a Windows 10 (64 bit) machine. All went well with the set up.

Now I am attempting to install the Genesis framework and a child theme, but when I go to upload the theme files, the “Upload Theme” button does not do anything. It’s there, and it turns blue on hover, but when I click it… nothing.

When I walk through a similar scenario, as if I were adding a new Plugin, the “Upload Plugin” button works just fine. It takes me to the next page where I can choose the file and install it.

I’ve tried switching back and forth between the three pre-loaded themes to see if the button becomes functional, and no luck.

The research I’ve done online so far discusses increasing file size limits and deactivating plugins. Neither of those ideas make any sense under this scenario.

If anyone else has run into this problem and found a fix, I’d certainly appreciate your advice.