Wordpress Email at Setup

I’m new to using Local by Flywheel.
Do I replace the dev-email@Flywheel.com with my own email in the “WordPress Email” box on the Setup Wordpress page?
I saw someone else asked the same question - but I couldn’t find the answer.
Thank you!

Hi @KarenCR

You should use whatever email address that you want to be associated with this WordPress admin user.

This is important so that if you ever need to reset a password, you will be able to get the password sent to this email.

If you have any other questions, just let me know!

– Ben

ERROR: Invalid email address is what i get


Any valid e-mail should work for that input. Are you still running into this issue?

Yes Clay still getting this issue, see attached Word doc: Wordpress cant log in 09,26,2018_345_PM I still get ERROR: Invalid email address. Lost your password? Note on that PC (Windows 7 Home) I use a different email which is boam103@gmail.com

Please advise if you got this email and can open the Word attachment

Boam Bohm

Hi @bohm320,

Please note that your e-mail replies are going into a public forum.

The Word document didn’t appear to make it.

so what do I do next? So that you can see the word document screenshot?

Hey @bohm320

When WordPress gives that error is usually means that there isn’t a user with that email in WordPress.

There are three main ways that you can get a new user into a WordPress site on Local:

  1. During the site creation, you can add your email as the initial admin user: http://flywheel.link/9f139d93ff44
  2. By logging into the WordPress admin and creating a new user with the email that you want to use: http://flywheel.link/ecbf009aa46c
  3. By logging into the site via SSH and creating the user with wp-cli.

This last one is basically done like this: Right click on the site and select “Open Site SSH” http://flywheel.link/b4b83945369b

From there you use the wp user create command to create a new user: http://flywheel.link/9590fee87ff8

Remember that different sites on different computers are completely separate websites – they are not automatically kept in sync.

This means that if you change the email or password on one site, that doesn’t mean that the changes are being made on a different computer with a different Local site.

Hope that helps clarify things and get you what you need to know!

– Ben

So sorry as quite the newb with WP and Local FW etc: I replaced my email addi as just working local at mo till ready for launch night - I get email must be confirmed (which sounds cool) But never get the e-mail link. Hope this makes sense.

  • Chris.

Hey @chrisbman,

Definitely makes sense!

All outbound email from the site actually goes through Mailhog. You should be able to see this in the Local Dashboard for the site, under utilities. Here’s a screenshot of where to find that: http://flywheel.link/2ea211e34b4f

Let us know if you’ve found it in there!