Wordpress in local is loosing the adress

Forgive my english, i am french and i have used Google to translate …
I tried to copy my site online to my pc (windows 7) to test other themes

1 / I installed local by flywheel with a local site on my disk h:
Php 5.6 - Sql 7.2 //
he puts me http: //Mysite.local
I run it, it works, I go to “administer” I see the default sql table.
2 / On Ovh I export my database in sql
3 / with Wordpad I do a search and replace all https://MySite.eu by http: //Mysite.local
4 / I am going to administer and I import my base.
I add it to the default tables with my prefix mod913_
I change the prefix in wp_config
I restart the server and pan table not found!
But maybe I have a track
I erased the site of Local flywheel and I restarted the install on H: again.
Everything is OK
I’m doing a test of the site. It’s ok I see the new blank site.
I have admin, I see the original base.
So, I’m not talking about import anymore. I did not do anything special
Just, I restart the local flywheel server and it puts me

Firefox can not connect to the server at address.local.
_ The site may be temporarily unavailable or overloaded. Try again later _
_ If you can not browse any site, check your computer’s network connection _
_ If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is allowed to access the Web._

It seems to lose the local address as soon as we leave the server
Thanks for a clarification