Wow so bad I am lost for words

I have used Flywheel and when it works it is great but when it does not… you are in for a world of pain. The support guys here are trying their best but it is blatantley obvious they cannot cope. I spent hours building a site and I was not able to load it back into flywheel on a brand new harddrive. Contacted support they replied then no correspondence whatsoever! Hours of work down the drain. I have attempted to install flywheel on another brand new machine and it is messing up soooo bad. It want’s to have administrative access but nothing pops up for me to add my pass to allow this. error messages and just testing a new site. It won’t load the site or the admin page.

I used to use Desktop Server and thought I would make the switch to Flywheel. Do not do what I have done. Use Desktop server if you value your time and hard work.

I went through the site looking for troubleshooting tips to the new problems arising and there are numerous messages from people needing help and they are either ignored or have been forgotten.

So I’m not the only one…

Have tried this switch myself, and tried for the past 3 days to get Flywheel to work.

Between the stalls on installing WordPress, not installing WordPress, hanging on site installs, and then not being able to actually access any sites, this seems to be beyond a joke.

If you release a Beta, I would expect it to at least work.

If you’re given a problem such as sites not being accessible, I would look into the problem instead of blaming everything on Microsoft Edge.


Hey all,

We genuinely appreciate feedback whether it’s negative or positive. However, threads like this are bound to get off topic and deconstructive. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to go ahead and close this topic. We’d highly suggest creating a separate topic(s) to bring up issues you are having with Local. Remember to make a topic for each issue.

Windows environments are much more inconsistent than Mac environments due to all the different ways your hardware (and software) can be configured. Based off of our stats we’re seeing a good success rate on Windows but we’re still working to improve it :smiley: