WP Admin Button Throws Error: "Warning: session_destroy():…"

Issue Summary

Using the “Wp Admin” Button, returns a “session_destroy” Warning Page

Troubleshooting Questions

After connecting in Local, I use the “Wp Admin” button, but it returns a
Warning screen in Chrome. I read that “This error is common when you haven’t started the session beforehand.” Because I am a confirmed non-scholar, how can I resolve this?

This happens for this site only and I am able to create and access a new, empty site in Local.

Previously Tried:
1. I have deleted all the cache items (for “All Time”) and all extensions in Chrome.
2. No Plugins or Themes have been deleted because no access of the WP Admin page is possible in Local.
3. No Ad Blocker is used on the site, which is whitelisted.
4. The online/live site displays fine, back and front end.

System Details

||Edition: Windows 11 Home|
||Version: 10.0.22000 Build 22000|
||Bios Version: 1.1.24 Installed on 7/8/2022|
||Local Version: 6.5.2+6204|
||WP (6.1.1) and PHP (8.1.9)|
local-lightning.log (447.2 KB)

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