WP ALL IMPORT - When uploading csv files it shows "Failed to move uploaded file."

I have installed WP ALL IMPORT plugin and when trying to upload csv files I receive the following error.

I have done the obvious step of increasing limits in PHP.INI but no change. it works fine on my live site but not on Local which is where I need to test it.

Csv file is only 15kb and 250 rows.


So you installed WP All Import on your Local site and the CSV files are located where? Are you trying to upload media, pages, posts, etc?

Do you have any other sites in Local?

Do you utilize any other development programs?

I can upload media etc fine into Wordpress, this is related to uploading directly through the WP ALL IMPORT plugin, i am uploading directly through there.

I have a couple of sites on local and both don’t work. i also use wamp and that uploads fine.

I’m glad you’re able to use other methods to upload. I wonder if WAMP could be conflicting with the process at all. You could try changing your Router Mode and see if that has any change on the behavior.

Using wamp on a different pc in a different office. it only seems to be isolated here and from reading up on it, looks like its a permissions issue…

Let us know if fixing permissions does the trick! We do see those types of issues with Windows machines from time to time.

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