WP-CLI need WordPress 3.7 or Later

I can create a new site with Local.
When trying to import an existing ‘real’ site, during provisioning I get “Error: WP-CLI need WordPress 3.7 or later to work properly. The version currently installed is 3.3.1”

Some more info:
The site I am importing was created with WP but the host does not have any WP admin tools on it. I don’t know how it was actually created. I was asked to copy the site to a new hosting service and figured I should get it workin in LocalWP first.

I downloaded the entire site and built a zip that contained the public_html folder and the database. I can get as far as the import 'Provisioning" before I get the error above.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @sams_6!

There are a couple of options that may work:

  1. You could try just zipping up the wp-content and db.sql files, and then importing that zip. Ideally, this would work but a site this old might have additional files in the site root as well as very old code that won’t run on more modern versions of WordPress/PHP.
  1. You could create a new site in Local, and then manually import individual files and the DB. Again, you might still run into issues if the plugins are very old and aren’t compatible with newer versions of WP/PHP.

I hope that helps! Good luck and happy developing :slight_smile:

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