Wp-config-sample error

Hello i pulled my site to my local machine and updated revslider plugin then i pushed the site to live site usually i get an email confirmation but i didn’t and then i see this error for missing wp-config-sample error when trying to go onto the site

Afterwards i’ve tried pushing again but Local keeps running into an error that it can’t fully push the site to the live site.

I have a macOS please help ASAP

Hey @ssingh32,

Is this an error on your Flywheel site?

If so, then you don’t need to wait for a response on the forums, we should be able to help if you can email your issue to help@getflywheel.com.

We’ll then be able to verify your account and take a closer look on our side as to any errors that have occurred.

If this isn’t the case, then it could to be related to the DB configuration settings. So we can take a closer look there too if need be.

Chris :slight_smile:

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Rebooting this old thread - we had (possibly) exactly the same issue as this yesterday: Strange Local behaviour (took down our site) - @chrisfly did you ever find the cause of this?