Zipping an existing site - Local not very intelligent

Bug Summary

Local is not very intelligent at importing existing sites, it is too particular about the makeup of the zip.

Steps to reproduce

Take an existing WP site to create a zip file. Use a tool like Table Plus to export the database as an .sql file. Select both files and compress them again into a zip file.

It is this point when it comes to importing the site that Local is too stupid to recognise a zip within a zip file. This is by far the most expedient way of preparing a zip file and yet local doesn’t recognise that there’s only one zip file and a sql file contained in the outer zip file. Local should be able to recognise this circumstance and extract the zip inside the zip.

Hi @richard_lake - thanks for using Local!

Thank you for the feature request. As it stands, Local is working as expected - Local exports imports to be structured as mentioned in this help doc here: Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local

But I hear you that it would be nice if it was more flexible! I’m going to move this thread over to our feature request category of the forums.