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Multiple Hosting Accounts

I work for an agency, and we have access to multiple accounts for our clients. I’d like to be able to connect more than one WP Engine account to local so I can pull/push sites from different client accounts.

This is huge. I’ve been wanting to switch to Local, since it’s the official WP Engine solution for Local development, but I would be logging in and logging out all day.

Yes, really need this please! I do a combination of freelance work and agency work, and it is a pain that Local only allows connection to one WPE hosting account at a time, especially since it requires API credentials and password every time you switch between accounts, and these cannot be saved/stored in Local.

I have seen people say “easy fix…just get every website to grant access to your same (one) email address, so they all appear under your same WPE account.” But that is not a practical solution because it is not always appropriate to say “Hey, freelance client, instead of granting me access through the email address I always use with you, I need you to grant access to my agency email that you have no relationship with” or vice versa. Sometimes even though I am “one person” I need to operate through multiple email addresses/WPE accounts. If we cannot stay connected to multiple accounts, could the switching process at least be made less cumbersome with stored credentials?

Hello @evanltd :wave:

Thank you for your message (and those above) - I’ve spoken with the Local development team and this is on their radar of things to implement very soon! :tada:

In the meantime, one “workaround” is to add yourself as a collaborator within the WP Engine or Flywheel hosting account, then you will have access to the site(s) from within a single Local account.



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Awesome, excited to hear it’s on the radar. Thanks for the update Sam!
Unfortunately for now (unless I’m misunderstanding), I don’t think that workaround helps my particular situation. I tried, but because I’m not an “owner” of all the accounts I have access to, I cannot add myself as a user/collaborator across all of them.

Hi @evan -

Great! Understood, if the site owner is able to provide you access that would be the way to solve that (they can go in and make you a collaborator). If that’s an option :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps!


Hello @erikteichmann and all -

I spoke with the Local development team and this is on the list of future improvements in an upcoming sprint. :tada:

I will keep you all updated as I receive more information.

Thank you,

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:


I voted for this. In my situation we have two accounts on WPE, with lots of websites on each. They both share the same login, but are different servers. Therefore, from what I can tell, each set of websites has a different API setup. So when I do a pull from within Local, I can see all the websites on server 1, but none of the ones on server 2 at the moment.

Hi @sammunoz any eta on this feature? Thanks!