Connecting multiple WPEngine Accounts

I have active sites I am managing through multiple WPEngine accounts, and for security reasons these need to remain separate.

This means I need to switch the connected WPEngine account on Local depending on which site I am working on. It works, but looks like it doesn’t remember the connections, so each time I switch I need to pull my sites from WPEngine to setup the connection.

My concern with this is that I suspect it will overwrite my local database each time, and will overwrite any local file changes I’ve made and potentially not moved up to Github.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a work around or is something just wrong on my end?

I’m running Local version 5.6.3+4270 on Manjaro Linux.


I and my team are in the same boat here. We are currently exploring what Local can do and having the ability to securely access multiple WPEngine accounts is a necessity. I hope to see a solution for this in near future.

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Let’s make this a feature request. I would like to add multiple Flywheel accounts as well.

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