Add Option to Delete Cloud Backups from Local App

Is it possible to delete a cloud backup from the Local dashboard?
There is no documentation on this topic, and I think it is quite necessary to clarify what is the procedure for deleting a cloud backup.
I have read in some posts that deleting the copy directly from the Google Drive or Dropbox folder causes problems. Why not a right click “delete” option?
Thank you!

Hi there @mafsdisseny! :wave:

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I believe Local will still retain a link to the deleted files unless you disconnect and reconnect your Cloud Backup provider.

That said, I’m going to move this into the “Feature Request” category and let the Local engineering team know.

We appreciate you!


Glad to see it’s being looked into. It’s a little strange to not be able to delete a backup.


Should there be option for deleting cloud backups from the LocalWP desktop app?

I tried solved this for test by deleting backup folder on the google drive, but backups are still showing in the LocalWP app like they are still available? Want to clean up old backups but don’t know how.

Feel like this should be basic feature, or am I missing something here?


Hi @marko.lukac! Thank you for your feedback. I’ve merged your post into this feature request here and am reaching out to our Dev team to follow up on this.

I don’t think there is a simple way to remove those backups in the app currently. If you’ve removed them from your provider side and want to wipe that list you can try right clicking the site to export it, and then reimport it back into Local which will essentially treat it as a “new” site.

Stay tuned as we look further into this!