Error with Cloud Backups

Hi, i conencted yestarday cloud backups to my old dropbox - Yestarday was working fine. Was an old account DropBox so i decided this morning to cancel all the files. So i did it and dorpbox is empty now. I started localwp and i was going to make a fresh backup of my site but keep saying "Cluod Backups failed - there was an error while completing your backup.
Still shows me the old backups like you can see in the screenshot but my dropbox account of course is empty but localwp want make a fresh and new backup -
Schermata 2024-02-03 alle 12.44.41

Hi @Ciro

I think deleting all of the files causes a sync issue bug. We’re exploring ways to improve backup features in Local and make things a little bit more simple and stable.

For now could you try using Google as a backup option and see if that works? You could also simply export the site and save the zip file somewhere like on Cloud or an external HD.

If you’d like to stick with Dropbox specifically then it may involve a more aggressive reset.

  • Disconnect Dropbox
  • Remove Cloud Backups Add On
  • Restart Local
  • Reinstall Add On
  • Reconnect Dropbox
  • Try again

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