Dealing with images pushing a site live

Hi, I’m pretty new to Local and I really like it so far.

I built a simple website and pushed it to a live server using All-in-One WP Migration. It worked like a charm but my concern is that almost 40% of the whole site size belongs to images - even though they were optimized.

I’m curious to learn from others, how do you deal with images so you don’t have to upload them every time you make an update on the local website and then push it to a live server?

Is there a way to skip re-uploading images?

Hey @les_360 - Welcome to the community!

I haven’t personally used the All-in-One WP Migration to push a site, but it looks like some others have wanted a similar feature from that plugin.

They offer a couple of solutions here, including a user made plugin to help with this.

I hope something like this helps with your workflow.