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Adminer makes me sad

I know Sequel Pro is abandonded (still works great though) and I know Sequel Ace sadly doesn’t work with sockets due to sandboxing… https://github.com/Sequel-Ace/Sequel-Ace/issues/113

But ugh, Adminer is just so bad. I mostly use WP CLI, or copy/paste the socket into Sequel Pro.
But, it would still be really nice if a way to use Sequel Ace could be figured out. Could Local be made to support TCP to localhost connections again?

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I think that it’s possible. Have you tried the steps outlined in this FAQ?

The main reason that *nix systems use sockets is for performance reasons, but I suppose we can have the connection between PHP+MySQL use sockets as well as expose a connection over TCP/IP.

If that FAQ gets the Local site to a place that you can use the mysql clients you want to use, can you create a feature request and up-vote it?

I forgot about that post. That does indeed still work, just wish I didn’t have to go in and manually do all that, copy/paste the port, etc… At least I can get to Sequel Ace when I need it. TY.

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