Sequel Pro has been abandoned. New team has forked to Sequel Ace


Reporting this as an issue and not a feature request. Please let me know if I should do otherwise. Sequel Pro was abandoned by the original team on 6.2020 (

It had been forked by a new team and dubbed Sequel Ace ( It’s also available in the APP store ( It would be great to remove the native support for Sequel Pro since it’s no longer maintained and change the quick link to Sequel Ace, or simply provide manual connection instructions for other clients.



+1 to this

I’d love to see support dropped for Sequel Pro in Local for Mac and replaced with Sequel Ace. Better still, being able to set a default option for a SQL client in Local settings would be great. Support for a handful of apps across platforms would have to be built in though.

+1 from me and my team as well

Thanks @NickP for creating this topic and to others who are adding their support for the idea.

This other topic is related: Sequel Pro not connecting to Local

Having Sequel Pro be abandoned has made us re-consider including third party integrations within Local core. There’s two parts here:

  1. Removing the Sequel Pro link in Local core. This is a great idea, and something that can be done.
  2. Adding a link to Sequel Ace. This will likely not be done to Local core, and instead should probably be done in an Addon.

I know that this won’t give you Sequel Ace access, but one option to get going with existing tools would be to use something like TablePlus along with the TablePlus add-on for Local.

If you are determined to use SequelAce, you might take a look at how the Local TablePlus add-on was built and create a new Local addon that opens SequelAce instead:

Hope that makes sense! Let me know if I can help out with anything else!

Hey, I’ll take this on, I’m working a Sequel Ace add-on now:

I’ve forked from Aubrey, and just am replacing a lot of stuff now.

I’ve run into similar issues as this ticket, mostly:

  1. Needing to replace the socket with the dummy socket mentioned here in the my.cnf.hbs file. This works, but I’m wondering if there’s a more programatic way of going about this, or replacing it on the fly.
  2. I’m wondering how to specify that we want to open Sequel Ace, and not another program. This was defaulting to Table+, then to Sequel Pro.

Since Sequel Ace was forked from Sequel Pro, I’m assuming the code is pretty similar. Is it possible to get a gist somewhere of the Sequel Pro connect code?

Also, is there a recommendation for switching out socket file references on the fly?

Once this add-on is done and working, I’m assuming it would be a good model on how to abstract the Sequel Pro code into an add-on, which I’d be happy to help with as well.



I did a little googling and it looks like @brandondove commented on an open issue with Sequel Ace:

If I understand the thread correctly, there’s a few things going on:

  • Sequel Ace isn’t able to connect to a database via sockets because it is running in sandbox mode
  • Sequel Ace is running in sandbox mode so that it can be listed in the App Store
  • TablePlus is able to connect over sockets because it isn’t running in sandbox mode – it’s something you manually download and install from the internet.

I’m not quite sure where to take this addon since connecting to sockets isn’t something that the Sequel Ace devs are able to take on at this point (at least until they aren’t distributing via the App Store).

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@ben.turner I think the key here is the App Store connection. Hahaha, seems like a decent-sized feature to give up in order to be in the App Store. Oh well, I’ve subscribed to this thread and will also test some of the work arounds (perhaps one can be automated in the Local add-on).

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Hey all,

Just following up here - thank you for raising this initially! Support for Sequel Pro has been removed within Local in v6.1.1. When updating to the latest version, you’ll see that disappear from the Database tab within a site. Adminer is the default option, and TablePlus can be installed from the Add-on library.


Before updating to Local 6.1.1, I installed Sequel Ace with Homebrew, not from the App store. It still didn’t work right with Local.

Same here with Sequel Ace via Homebrew. Might be a permissions issue, but I’m already fed up with this sudden loss of functionality, so…

I’ve been using Sequel Pro Nightly also via Homebrew with Local (including 6.1.1) and it does work with sockets.


Installing via homebrew won’t change things. The developers of Sequel Ace are coding it in a way so that it can be available in the Apple App store. No matter where the application ends up (for example homebrew, or even some random website) the actual source code for Sequel Ace doesn’t allow for connecting to databases over sockets.

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Hello! Is there any update regarding the ongoing issues with sequel ace support?
I know in the past the local team supported sequel pro.
Is there any support for sequel ace to connect to our local databases?
Does anyone know of a hacky way?

Hi @jmarx75 There are some details on these previous threads that might help:

@Nick-B Hello Nick. Thank you for your response. I checked out those previous threads and could only find some hacky solutions and nothing definitive. This is why I wanted to start a new thread for some fresh ideas for an issue which must be frustrating many uses. Unless you see something on those threads that I am missing? Thank you again for your time.

Hi @jmarx75

I don’t have anything new to add myself, but for our devs to keep track of requests and information I’m going to merge your feature request with one of the previous ones to keep that information together.

I did check with our team however to confirm there are still no immediate plans for this, however insight and interest from the community can always sway things!

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I originally opened the ticket and since there was no solution for a while, I switched to TablesPlus. The main reason is SequelAce can’t support Socket connections since it App store app. It’s paid, but there is also a TablesPlus LocalWP plugin to auto connect to the DB, which was was the main reason I used SequelPro originally.

Hope tha helps!


Thanks for the insight @NickP!