After upgrading Localwp not opening but running in background

My localwp is not opening, but running in the background. also there is 3 32bit files are running in the background process. i saw an old post about the same issue but somehow the solution given here is not working for me.

i recently upgrade the version 9.0.2 to 9.0.4

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same here ):

Hi @makstyle and @riaz

It’s possible Local got reflagged or blocked by something like anti-virus, security or a firewall after updating. Do you know if you have any of these in place you can check?

What version of Windows are you on?

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Hey @makstyle @riaz – Welcome to the Local community!

This is definitely an odd bug. While we don’t know for sure what’s going one, we’re investigating a few things.

Can you help us by sharing the sites.json and sites-organization.json files that are in Local’s configuration folder?

You can find those files by navigating to this location:


The AppData folder might be hidden, so you’ll need to show hidden files in order to navigate to it. Here’s how the Local configuration folder looks for me:

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The issue was fixed for me :smile: . What i found that issue is that, when i upgrade the version it installed in different folder. so i just completely remove the all the locals file and install again. while installing i just show the path again. And it works for me.

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No, I checked it, i don’t think this a security issue :slight_smile:

That is very interesting. Do you remember what those other locations were?

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