Backing Up Local Data on Mac

I’m currently using Arq to backup data automatically on my Mac, but I do not use the whole disk option and instead just select folders to keep synced with my cloud storage.

I’d like to backup everything related to Local on macOS, can I get a list of folders that I should be connecting to Arq?

I already sync ~/Local Sites, but I am thinking more the application data itself. (Notes, Settings, Etc. Etc.)


Hi @zackeryfretty

Backing up the sites/site files is the most important thing for sure, besides that, there really shouldn’t be a need to back up any of the actual application files. You can always find them on our release page here:

Say for example your Local app got wiped or you had to uninstall it, you could always reinstall from the Releases page and import your sites back into Local as long as they are backed up.

We also have a Cloud Backups add-on available as well:

Cloud Backups

Hi :wave:

Thanks for responding so quickly, didn’t expect that!

Got it, do those folders also contain the settings for each app? I figured I’d also need the application support folder but if you don’t think so I’m good with that!

@zackeryfretty Since you already are using Arq I would make a separate Local backup for both ~/Local Sites and ~/Library/Application Support/Local and set a backup schedule. Then I would also install the WP Migrate plugin for manual database backup and ease of use. The manual sql database backups will be saved in the uploads folder for each website and also included in your Arc backup plan.

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Are the SQL files that are included in ‘Local Sites’ not up to date? :thinking:

I’m using the WP Migrate plugin since I want backups and not just the latest database and I’m also working with versioning and sometimes I just want to keep snapshots of the database for a website.

Makes sense!

If the SQL files included in the Local Sites/app folder are up to date, I think I should be good there. I’m only concerned with the latest version personally.

Thank you!

Hi @zackeryfretty - yes, while Local has a site running, the database lives in the run folder and updates are written there. Periodically, or when the site is stopped, exported, or the app is closed, the latest DB is dumped and written to the /sql/ folder for the site. The workflow you’ve described, if you’re worried about the latest DB, should work.

Sweet! Thank you for the help everyone.

I’ll add the Application Support to Arq & I think that should be good enough for me.

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Sounds great @zackeryfretty! Happy Developing (and backup taking) :slight_smile:

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