Backing up site to Google Drive fails

Hello all,

I’m running the latest version of Local on my Ubuntu hardware. I added the Local Backup add-on, and connected it to my Google Drive account, but each time I attempt a backup, I receive a Cloud Backup failed message. I’ve ensured that the site I want to back up is actually running. Just not sure where to go from here. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.



What does the Cloud Backup failed message look like?

As a test, can you create a new blank site in Local and try backing that up?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply. It’s just a message at the top of the screen telling me that the backup failed.

I’ll try a blank site to see what happens.


Hello again,

Unfortunately, with a blank site, I receive the same failed backup message at the top of the screen. It’s in all red if that matters.

I’m sure I’m just missing a step in configuring my backup. Just not sure what I’m missing.

Thanks again for the help.

Hi @cmccullough I sent you a DM to get some more info so that I can look at your account from our end.

Thank you, Nick!

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