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Bug: Erroneous "Connection to Flywheel does not support multisite" messages

Bug Summary

“Connection to Flywheel does not support multisite” messages appear for non-multisite sites.

This happens randomly. Stopping and starting the site again usually fixes it, but sometimes multiple times are required.

Steps to reproduce

Start a non-multisite site. Click on push or pull icons.

Environment Info

Describe your environment.

  • What Operating System are you using? macOS, all versions going back a year or two
  • What version of Local is installed? All versions going back at least a year or two

It’s hard to say what’s going on without reliable recreation steps.

Is there anything in the Local log that points to something specific? You can find the Local log by following this Community Forum post:

I know. Unfortunately, it’s random. Just an FYI that this happens. Maybe there’s some check that times out or gets a truthy/falsey answer that needs === instead of ==

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This happens to me as well and has been happening to me for over a year. It usually doesn’t happen until I’ve been developing for a few hours with the site running and then randomly it will stop allowing me to push to staging or production with the same error noted above. I’m running my own local environment (Postcss, Livereload Server) and the Local App. I’m on the latest Mac version 12.0.1 and Local version (6.2.1+5711). Attached are my logs and screen shot. I filed a ticket to Flywheel and they sent me to this post.

local-logs.zip (74.7 KB)

Yep. I get this too and it behaves just as @jessetrippe describes. Restarting the app fixes it.

I also get this sometimes. I usually don’t have to restart the site, but I just click on another one of my sites in the list, then click back on the site that’s doing it. That usually fixes it.

I also just got this error. I had rebooted both Local itself and the local site and still was getting this message. The “trick” of clicking on another site and then back to the one I was trying to work with appears to have “fixed” this particular issue, at least temporarily.

Just updated to 6.4.1. I can’t push or pull any site. Restarting the app does not fix it.

For me, I had to disconnect the site from Flywheel and reconnect it. Restarting the app did not help.

Mac OS 12.6
Local 6.4.3+6116

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Thank you, Jeffrey. This is the only workaround that actually fixed the bug for me.

Mac OS 13.0.1
Local 6.5.2+6204