Can you still share Local with another machine on your network?

It’s my understanding that Local used to run on Virtual Box and you could share this instance with another machine on your network (ie:

However now it appears that Local is run independently and they appear to want to charge $50 for Teams. This is a large price just to share a Local instance between two macs. Can you still share a Local instance between two macs by running it on Virtual Box or using Google Drive, etc? I can’t seem to clarify whether these old tutorials will still work with the latest updates.

Not sure whether to use Google Drive or Virtual Box.

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Local no longer runs in VirtualBox, its more of a AMP install (WAMP, LAMP, MAMP depending on OS), so I don’t think the traditional instructions will work…

However, it is now running on your native OS, so theoretically opening the ports on your local system to other systems on your local network could work - but unless you know what you are doing that can be a significant security risk (not to mention a headache to configure).

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