Cannot mail live linjs

I’ve developed a new site and have been sending the live link to my client. Despite using several of my email accounts (business, personal and a gmail account) and despite sending to several different email accounts, anytime the message contains the live link URL, it does not get delivered. It does not show up in the spam or junk folders, neither does it get bounced back to me. Stuck out there somewhere in the interwebs I guess?

I found a work-around though. I pasted the URL in a word document and then attached this document to an email Went through first try.

Any suggestions?


Hi Abe,

That’s an interesting one!

I’m not sure what to do beyond what you mentioned. You may want to post in the Gmail Help Forums and see if anyone has an idea.

As stated, I sent FROM AND TO other email addresses than just gmail. So, I doubt they are the culprit. You’ve never run across this before?

Here’s a new development on another matter. The dev site is working as expected, but the live site is not synced? The dev site is and the live site is When you click on the dev site footer links they work, but the live site footer links do not. Also, the banner images are not loading for my client on the live site.

I’ve just restarted the local machine - no difference

OK, this may be useful for you guys. I am using the DIVI theme and had a global module for the footer. When I made changes to it and re-saved, it now appears ok on the live site. Slider images still only loading on a few pages for my client.

As far as the link in email goes, I honestly have never heard of anyone else running into the same issue. Definitely curious to hear if you find out more.

Regarding the footer with Divi, you may need to enable Dev Mode if you’re using the “Preferred” environment. There’s a switch in the top-right to do this. Enabling Dev Mode disables the Varnish caching layer.

Dave mode was already enabled. I disabled and re-enabled, but no change.

Was a solution ever found for the unable to email problem? I’m experiencing it right now. No matter which email address I try, as long as the email contains the live link, my email gets bounced to me due to “Message rejected for spam or virus content”