Live Links Blocked By Gmail/Email

I’m trying to start using Local in my workflow to make things a lot easier, but am running into some major issues that are preventing me from doing so.

One of the biggest is that the live links are only available when my computer is on. However, more importantly is that anytime I’ve tried to send that link to a client in an email, multiple clients are receiving those emails at all (using Gmail).

I tested using a URL shortener, which helped to ensure one time that the email came through, but then there’s also a very scary warning that comes up first with lots of information that makes the whole process (and my business/work) seem very sketchy.

This has already caused a lot of headaches for us with this project, so I’m just going to transfer this to a demo site and will likely go back to that workflow until this service improves.

Try using to shift URL to https. Worked for me.