Live link broken images

Trying to show a client their site, but images are missing can anyone help?

Hi Lucie,

How were the images added to the site? Also, are you using a theme/layout builder of any type?

They were just uploaded from my laptop, i’m using divi. I received some
help from someone, and they fixed it for me, the image path url was showing
the dev name instead of the live link url, If you know how to remedy this,
I would appreciate it in case it happens again.

Hi Lucie,

Which setting in Divi did you upload it to? Was it a module in the layout, a setting in the Theme Customizer, or something else?

There were two images causing issues, the background in a full width slider
section, and a background in a regular section.


I’m still unable to reproduce this.

Is the Local site using HTTPS? Also, are the images missing for you when using the Live Link or only the client?