Can't gain access to Wordpress


I’ve encountered a problem that wasn’t of Local by Flywheel’s making.

I installed a child theme by Lilaea as I wanted to upgrade my Tessereract Theme to the latest version while still retaining existing customisations. This has caused the following problems:-

  1. When I try to access Wordpress via the ‘admin’ all I get is the warning as per screenshot one. I’m unable to clear this. If I could gain access to Wordpress and revert to the earlier version of the Tesseract theme I feel this would solve the problem.

  2. I can still view the site that I’m working on but the warning as per screenshot two appears on the top of every page on the site.

Can you assist me on how I can regain access to my Local Wordpress?

I’ve also reported the problems to Tesseract and I await a response from them.


Michael McGourty.
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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately I can’t see the attachments. You can drag and drop them onto the editor in the forums and they should show up.

What you can do instead if browse to the site folder, then app/public/wp-content/themes and remove the theme that is causing the errors.

Yeah, based off of those you’re going to need to at least move that theme out of wp-content/themes

To easily get there, click on the arrow by the site path in Local and you should then see the app folder. Open that and go to app/public/wp-content/themes and remove (or move it out of wp-content/themes) the problematic theme.