Can't get local to launch Hyper as my default terminal

When I set Local to use Hyper as my terminal, it won’t launch when using Open Site Shell.

I’m on the latest version of Ventura. It was working until I had to reinstall my os and use a fresh version of Local.

Hi there @mikemuller!

Thank you for your question, have you reset the preference in Local and completely closed out of Local and Hyper?

Any chance you’ve tried restarting your machine, too?



I have, I’ve rebooted as well. Almost feels like a security function blocking the app from launching?

Hi @mikemuller -

There was a bug with Hyper in Local 6.7.1 but it has been addressed in Local 6.7.2 - are you on that release?

Thank you!


That was the issue. Local was not showing an update when it wss on 6.7.1.

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Hi @mikemuller -

Got it! Glad it’s all working for you then :slight_smile:

Reach out if you have any more issues, please!


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