Can't reach live site anymore

I started working on site redesign in Local for a site that is currently live. Suddenly, I can no longer reach the live site on the same computer. I can reach the live site on other devices just fine - just not on the same computer where I’m working on the site update in Local. I feel like there is a setting or something that I missed or perhaps messed up. What should I try troubleshooting?

Like many others, I too have upgraded to 2.4 and experienced difficulty even getting to the admin panel of my development sites.
Thank you!

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Quick update. I deleted the current version of Local, pulled an older version back in from my backups and installed. I am now able to access my client’s live site, but am unable to reach the admin log in for the back end of the development site.

Last update. Deleting LBF - moving on. Good luck everyone.

You need to use another domain name so it won’t mess things up with the live site. It happened to me last night.

Instead of using which is my love site’s domain, I must use another domain extension such as .dev or .local or something else you want.