Check For Updates not doing anything

Issue Summary

The menu item Local > Check For Updates doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t show any update available or state that no update is available. This started happening with the current version (V 5.9.8+5191)

System Details

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    macOS Big Sur 11.2 – with MacBook Air M1

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no log entries created by this action.

This is still happening with 5.9.9.

Same issue on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (MacBook Pro 16).

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Still happening with Local 5.10.1+5267.

You should try using Homebrew :wink:

local and local-beta

This stopped happening, but starting happening again with 5.10.1. @ben.turner

Upgraded to 5.10.3 and it’s doing the same thing. No response when checking for updates.

I don’t have a solution, but hopefully to get everyone on the same page, I’ve recorded what it looks like on my MacOS Catalina machine:

A couple of things to note:

  • This was me upgrading from 5.10.1
  • The actual content about updating is in a new window

@scottbuscemi – are you saying that you no longer get anything from Local – ie, no second window with upgrade content?

You also mention that this stopped happening, but has restarted. Do you recall what version was working in terms of pulling up a second window with upgrade information?

It didn’t seem to stop depending on the version, but on some other factor. Even 5.10.3 wasn’t showing the window that says “You are on the latest version of Local”, but then as of yesterday it started showing up when I press Check for Updates.

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Check for Updates does nothing again on v5.10.3 now that 5.10.4 is out. macOS Big Sur 11.3.1

I manually updated to v5.10.4, and Check for Updates does nothing on this version now too. It was working prior to yesterday.

@ben.turner I knew a new version of Local came out because the Check for Updates isn’t showing any window again :slight_smile:

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@ben.turner This is still happening with v6.0.0… Now that 6.1.0 is out, Check for Updates doesn’t show a window. Whenever a new version is available, that window stops appearing.

brew update --cask local

I can update manually. I’m reporting an issue with the GUI.

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