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Cloud Backup Name Issues

I am using Cloud Backups and I wanted to emulate what it would be like sharing a site accross different computers.

So I backed up my site to Google, and then deleted it from Local, and tried to restore it from the backup.

I was able to complete the restore. The site works. But the I have two strange naming issues.

1) When restoring from the cloud it lists many old backups that I no longer have.

The backups it lists were deleted from Google Drive long ago. See screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/41woFQt

If I select one of those old backups that I no longer have on Google Drive it will display some backup points (see screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/0wQ3rqI) but once installed from those listed backup points the app/public folder is empty. This is because there are no files on Google Drive to restore from.

Why am I seeing these old backups? How do I remove them?

2) The name I choose when restoring the backup does not match the folder name or domain name.

For example; I have a backup named “agentcake”. When restoring the backup I want it named in the same way, so I chose “agentcake” as the unique name.

But the folder it creates is “agentcakebackup” and the domain name is “agentcakebackup.local”.

Why does it add the word “backup” to the folder and domain name? And how do I stop that from happening?

P.S. I am on a MacOS Monterey 12.4. Local WP version 6.4.0+5927.