Cloud Backups enabled but not displaying

I have Cloud Backups enabled in my LocalWP account but there is no backup option under Tools for any of my sites. Within LocalWP on my Mac, if I navigate to Add-ons, the Cloud Backups “Install Add-on” button is grayed out. I tried disconnecting from Dropbox and then reconnecting, and have also quit and reopened LocalWP itself. Neither has made a difference. With the “Install Add-on” button not available there is also no “Enable & Relaunch” button, as indicated in the instructions for this. How can I get Cloud Backups working?

Hi @jonathan55000

In order to use Cloud Backups or Live Links you need to be signed into Local Hub. You’ll do this by clicking on the profile icon in the upper left hand corner of your Local app and signing in there. Have you done that previously or are you able to access that? Once you do that you should see the options for Install, Enable and Relaunch and then the Backup option in Tools appear.

Thanks Nick! I thought I was logged in but perhaps wasn’t. Your solution solved my issue.

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Glad to hear it @jonathan55000! Thank you for following up :green_heart:

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