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Cloud backups fail after changing Dropbox account


I’ve recently switched to using a new Dropbox account. Although I’ve disconnected the previous Dropbox account from my Local account, and even deleted the backups from the old Dropbox account, I’m now unable to back up any of my Local sites that had previously been backed up, getting a Cloud Backup failed error.

Any sites that hadn’t been previously backed up will back up to the new Dropbox account, just none of the ones that had previously run. Is there a way of resetting this? Can’t see how to delete previous backups from the app.


Local 6.4.1+5978
MacOS 12.4

Hi there @sjc - thank you for bringing your question to the Local Community! :wave:

Can you share your Local logs? Those might be able to let us know what is happening and if there’s somewhere you just need to reset your Dropbox account.

You can follow these instructions to share your logs:

Also, have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling the Cloud Backups add-on?

Certainly before doing this I would make local backups of your sites so you don’t lose anything. Here’s how to make a backup:

I’m wondering if there’s maybe something cached or saved in the add-on itself, pointing to the old Dropbox account.

Let’s figure this out together!

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

Thanks @sammunoz,

Appreciate the response. I’m away from that machine for a few days now but will grab logs and take the suggestion to uninstall and reinstall the add-on when I get back to it.

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