very broken for me

Bug Summary

Visiting the website, I can’t scroll, click, or do anything at all, until I FORCE RELOAD the page. Normal refresh does nothing, have restarted PC to ensure random issues not lingering.

Steps to reproduce

Desktop, Windows 10, latest chrome, 5900x, 3080, everything completely up to date. Visit the site, it does this for me, every time.

Hi there @PorterBytes -

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Have you cleared your browser cache, etc?


I cleared all web history, and happened to have the latest Chrome update available (not sure if this PC didn’t auto-update or if it’s a brand new release), but we’re back to normal now - thanks for the follow-up!

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Hi @PorterBytes -

So odd, but I’m glad it’s all working for you!

Thanks for being a part of the Local community :green_heart:


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