Connect to WP Engine

I’ve connected both my Flywheel account and WP Engine account to Local and am able to see the sites that are listed in my primary account.

As an agency, we have access to a lot of installs on WP Engine that span multiple accounts. While I’m able to “pull to local” any of the installs in the account that I am an “Owner” of, I don’t see any of the client sites where I have “Full (no billing)” access. It would be ideal if I could “pull to local” all of the sites that I have access to rather than only the sites that I own.

Hey there @brandondove!

First off, thank you for using Local for your WordPress development! You should be able to push and pull your WP Engine sites that you are not an owner of but do have “Full (no billing)” access like you mentioned. Something to make sure is that under your user profile on WP Engine > API Access, that the account API Access is enabled for all the accounts you are trying to access sites for. Let us know if this still doesn’t work and we can dig in further!


@keegan thanks for that. It looks like I have to have the owners enable API access to their accounts before I can enable it on my end. Looks like I have some emails to write. :slight_smile:

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