Creating a copy of your template

I have a question, can I make a copy of my WordPress designs on with the WP theme and plugins, and pictures on the website attached and transfer them onto a new WP Admin/ WP website without losing all my current work on that WP website that I created?
When I make a copy of my old WP website, and transfer it to a new WP Admin as a copy of the old one. I lose all my pictures, theme, and plugins and have to start over. Any ideas?
Thank you for your help.

Hi there @azphillipse -

You have a few options here.

The first & the easiest would be to use Local’s “clone” feature. To do this, right-click on your site in the Sites List & click “Clone”.

If that isn’t what you’re looking to do…have you tried WP Migrate with Full Site Exports? That might be an option as it is a full and complete site file. Here is more information about that:


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