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Does it work and is it reliable? I have my issues


I see the opportunity to create backups and even migrate to a new computer via cloud backups for the first time. It’s a great extention, however, I really struggle with it.

Should this work already reliably? Some backups work, some run forever, some fail - same happens at with the restore at the new laptop.

It’s just difficult to work with it… before I go into more details, is this known? Is it still in beta or should it work already without issues?



Hi @markus9889! Cloud Backups is not in beta but an active and widely used feature. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with it however. There could be many factors impacting this like site size, network connections, security features, etc.

We have a guide here for Cloud Backups, including some tips for working with them on multiple machines: Using Cloud Backups with Multiple Machines

You could also try manually restoring as another option: Manually Restore a Cloud Backup with Restic - Local

Hi @Nick-B and thanks for explaining - I didn’t find so much information online so I thought it’s not that popular just yet.

So I tried for the last 2 days to backup WordPress sites from Local WP. I think I managed it now, however, it took me almost all the time 3 to 4 attempts for each website backup. Sometimes I tried to keep them running for many hours without success. That’s why it took me overall 2 days to backup approx. 20 sites.

I needed to quit Local and restart as the backup process just didn’t finish. I disconnected/reconnected Google Drive, I tried Dropbox instead of Drive, I tried it on two different laptops… I think there is not much more I could try.

The backup either finished on the first attempt (hardly ever), threw an error, or run infinitely

I wouldn’t know yet what else I could do to troubleshoot. If you have a suggestion please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll rather use the export feature instead (should be 100x faster this way)

Hi @markus9889

Do you know how big these sites are? Would any be considered large, multi-GB setups?

What type of system/OS are you running?

Do you have any other background programs or development tools running concurrently?

If you feel like sharing your Local Logs we could take a look at those as well just to see if anything else stands out. Retrieving Local’s Log File

The export feature is a great workaround! So if you find that is faster and easier then it may be good to stick with that for now.

Hi @Nick-B

sorry, I lost already a lot of time, so I am a but behind with everything now. I can’t investigate much myself now, if you say the feature is actually stable then it’s perhaps really on my end, even though I would wonder how…

Mostly those are small site, some tiny sites where I just have an empty test install with a specific theme I wanted to migrate. Size can’t be the issue here.

Running an macOS latest Version Mojave. The old Laptop is an Intel processor (MB Pro 2019), the new one is an Apple processer with M2 chip. Both have had the same issues. So macOS or MacBook could be an issue here, I couldn’t test on a Windows machine.

In the end I managed it with many attempts, didn’t test though if all of the migrations (backup/restore) worked, therefore I will only delete the sites from the source laptop when I am sure they are able to run.

While it’s fine for me now as it is, it is 100% unreliable for me unfortunately and takes for ages to run through the process.

So I definitely should try to get into investigation (or hope that some bugs, issues are just solved by itself with the further development)

By the way, I just tried to run the cloud backup again, this time from the new laptop (the one I migrated all sites to). The first site worked immediately, second site again just hangs without coming to an end. So it’s definitely on both MacBooks.

Not much to see in those logs
local-logs.zip (9.9 KB)

Running version 6.4.3+6116

@markus9889 Thank you for following up and providing all those details.

I’m assuming also that you don’t experience any network connectivity issues? Are you running all these tests at home or from an office somewhere? Do you utilize a VPN?

Thank you for your patience just trying to gather as much data as we can to help determine any other root causes.

No network connectivity issues
Run the tests at home, always from the same network
I don’t use a VPN
I used a Google Drive Workspace (paid) account and not the free Google Drive
I used the personal free Dropbox account (but as it didn’t make any difference, I don’t think there is an issue with the Cloud storage provider)

I don’t work daily on this, but will see if I figure out more later that can help to see what the issue is here. Perhaps I can test once from a different location / internet connection