Duplicator Pro 405 Not Allowed NGINX

Heyo, really enjoying using this software. I’m trying to backup my site (on Local) with Duplicator Pro (default settings) but I get a 405 Not Allowed Error after about 15-20 minutes of running the SCAN.

I’m searching everywhere but can’t find any information related to this error on a Local by Flywheel environment.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this or any list of troubleshooting steps would be great!

Thank you,

Wordpress 5.0
Wordpress Multisite

Local Settings :
Environment: Custom 1.3.1
Web Server: Apache
PHP Version 7.1.4
MySQL Version: 5.6.34
SSL: 1.0.1t 3 May 2016

I’m facing the same problem. What can be done to fix this?

Same issue here. Database only works, but scanning a (large) site fails after minutes of scanning.

Same for me here !
I can’t duplicate my live website in order to get it as a local website (on my laptop) because of the “405 not allowed” message